Turn your CV into a Digital Profile

The curriculum vitae, revitalised.
A Digital Profile is a rich, interactive and smart way for businesses to discover your talent.

  • Smart job matching

    Automatically get matched with jobs that are perfectly matched to your skills.

  • Automated updates

    Always know where you stand with job applications. No more silent treatment.

  • Privacy built-in

    Control who can see your profile, when they can see it and track who has seen it.

  • The profile of the future

    A beautiful, content-rich profile that shows you in your best light.

Your profile, your data, your control

Your dashboard

Where the magic happens

  • Connections

    Follow companies you would like to hear from.

  • Matches

    We’ll give you matches based on your skills, location and interests.

  • Profile

    Easy to setup profile you can use as a CV. Connect to social channels to help show your passions & skills.

Flexible sharing

3 ways to control your privacy

  • Hidden

    Only you have access to your profile, but if you wanted to share it you can generate a private link.

  • Incognito

    You can showcase your profile to companies without your boss knowing about it.

  • Public

    Get yourself out there and scream and shout about what you can do to the world!

More than a CV

Make your profile pop

  • Connect & pick

    Show off your designs, pictures, music taste, or even code.

  • Attachments

    Put it all in one place to make it easy to send. Add your PDFs to show more about you.

  • Interests

    Don’t just say you do something, show them by putting images, videos, music, and code.

A little bit of love from our friends & customers

Making the right connections is important to us. Here’s what a few of our friends have to say.

  • “Digital Profile is great to find jobs that match your skills and qualifications. Having personalised job alerts makes searching so much easier! Plus with no middle man your application goes straight to the employer.”
  • “The world of work is changing, and traditional CVs are outdated - Digital Profile is a great platform, especially for those just starting their career, as it allows you to really showcase your skills in a meaningful way. From a hiring perspective, I can easily find all the information I'm looking for in one place and more accurately match candidates to the skills that are most important.”
  • “I use Digital Profile to be able to securely share and manage my career journey”
  • A recruiter-free zone

    We care about your business so we say no to recruitment agencies. No middlemen, no sneaky direct messages.

  • Privacy promise

    We’re a privacy focused careers & hiring solution focussed on putting people first.

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