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Firstly, it’s free forever!

Yup, that’s right, completely free! Enjoy a simple and clean Profile, including everything our platform has to offer, at no cost.

Opportunities brought to you

Your personal skillset, location and individual preferences help our Digies automatically suggest opportunities that best suit you. You can also follow companies you love and get notified when they release a new opportunity. You’ll never be the last to know with us.

Fast, simple communication

You’ll find no recruitment agencies here. Simply apply for opportunities with our one click application process and speak directly with employers. No barriers, middleman or third parties!

Public, incognito or Private

Protecting you is a central element within our mission. That’s why we let you choose when you want to be found, invisible or hidden. Toggle your Profile to public to be found by companies looking for your individual skills. Try incognito to appear anonymously in talent search, or switch to private and only be seen by the companies you apply to.

Stay in the know

Digital Profile works to keep you notified on everything, from when your profile or application has been viewed, to providing skill insights on salaries and locations, with more analytics coming very soon. Watch this space!

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Marketing platform for your career opportunities

Behind the scenes Digital Profile works at showcasing your opportunities to professionals with your ideal skillset

Free Profile and opportunity posts

With your Profile you can enjoy core features, including advertising unlimited opportunities such as; apprenticeships and work experience opportunities for free, forever. Simply post your opportunity and manage applications right from your dashboard. No more CVs!

Clever matchmaking

We ensure that the opportunities you post are automatically shown to the right individuals, thanks to our clever skill matching algorithms

Communicate directly

You’ll find no recruiters on our platform. It’s just you connecting directly with a community of talented individuals, for free.

Simple searches

Search through our talent pool of individuals with public Digital Profiles, based on the skills you’re looking for. We’re working on introducing more filters to our search, making our platform even better.

All the insights!

Through transparent and fair pricing, we’re developing a model that provides you with real time insights into collected skills, demographics, average salaries and so much more. Get in touch to learn more.

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Create your profile today and access the
world of digital profile.

Focussed on providing you with the best
educational opportunities

Our little Digies work around the clock to bring you opportunities that will best fit your educational interests and desired skills.

Free Profile and applications

See and apply for unlimited educational opportunities posted by approved businesses, from days out to mentors and work-shops, all for free. With our simple one click applications and a personalised dashboard, we ensure that the whole application process is seamless.

Clever matchmaking

Your educational skill-set, location and individual preferences help us to automatically suggest opportunities that would best suit your needs.

Transparent and fair

We believe making connections should be a direct and fair process for everyone. With a Profile you can apply for opportunities and also post a ‘request’ for business help.

Keeping it simple

You can also advertise paid roles on our platform, allowing you to help grow your team. So recruiting new staff can be done from your Profile. No need for a new one, keeping it all under one umbrella for you!

Request help from the business world

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, post a request to businesses with what you need. Businesses can apply to you.

Connecting education providers

With so many education providers joining Digital Profile we thought It would only be right to allow you to request advice from other education providers and connect the community.

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