Transform your hiring workflow

Hiring through PRIVACY!
Be part of the new hiring trend, privacy first. Use one tool that does it all for you.

  • Save time

    Our platform markets you to find people, manages communication with people, and keeps everyone up to date.

  • One platform

    No need for multiple platforms to make your process kind of work. We do it all in one.

  • Save money

    Cut out the middle man cost and be in control of your spend.

  • Privacy promise

    Our ethics are all focused around the privacy of people. We give them the control they need so you don’t have to worry about it.

Hiring, all in one place

Your dashboard

Where the magic happens

  • Connections

    Track how you're performing and how you can build a brand to attract the best talent.

  • Free job posting

    Post as many as you like! There's no charge.

  • Profile

    Build a company profile to attract talent. See who's following you and interested in working for you.

Employee matches

We match you to the right people

  • The right skills

    We don’t match on job titles, we match on skills & interests.

  • Cultural fit

    We look past the CV and encourage the candidate to show off who they are, not just their skills.

  • Show interest

    We show you who's actively looking and give you the ability to reach out and show interest.

Post jobs

Post unlimited free jobs

  • Matching

    We don’t just post them, we match them to people that are interested.

  • Automate posting

    Who wants to copy and paste all day? Use our auto-post feature and pull all your roles from your website.

  • Manage

    Our simple ATS allows you to manage all your posts and who applies in a candidate focused experience.

A little bit of love from our community

We are proud to make a difference to people from all walks of life. Here are a few who believe in our platform.

  • “With Digital Profile’s free job postings, we’re able to connect with a diverse range of candidates that would otherwise be beyond our reach.”
  • “Absolute game changer - the archaic recruitment practices still in existence are being replaced by something fit for a digital world.”
  • “Exciting privacy focused platform for hiring putting the candidate first.”
  • A recruiter-free zone

    We care about your business so we say no to recruitment agencies. No middlemen, no sneaky direct messages.

  • Privacy promise

    We’re a privacy focused careers & hiring solution focussed on putting people first.

Take hiring further

We have plans for businesses of all shapes and sizes