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Can I have a Digital Profile?

Yes. Anyone can have a Digital Profile. You’ll see a lot of tech jobs and professionals here, but we welcome everyone. So come on in!

Who can see my Profile?

By default, your Profile is private, and only seen by companies and organisations you apply to - and even then only for 45 days after you submit.

To help freelancers and individuals who are open to offers, you can make your Profile public. Companies looking for your skill set will then see you in their searches on the site, and you can send prospects and potential clients the link to your Profile, using it as your public CV.

We place a lot of importance on your privacy, so you can freely switch between private and public whenever it suits you.

How do I switch my Profile to public (or back to private)?

By default, your Profile is private. To showcase yourself just head to the Settings tab and check the box there. Don’t forget to mark yourself as available for new work and set a date rate, if applicable.

Do I need to be looking for a new role to have a Digital Profile?

No: we think of Digital Profiles as your public or private showcase of your skills, personality and experience. It is a replacement for your CV. If you’re not looking for a new role right now and would rather not be seen by companies, just set your Profile to private.

I’ve found a new role - should I delete my Digital Profile?

No need. Head over to your settings, and you’ll see privacy controls. If you want to leave your Profile dormant for now, just set it to private, and no one will see your Profile except you. Update it in the future when you’re looking for your next job. Congratulations on the new position!

How do I add my day rate as a freelancer?

From your Profile, head to the Settings tab and add your upper and lower rates there. While you’re there, get seen in search results by setting your Profile to public and mark yourself as available for new work.

I’ve moved - how do I update my location?

Easy - just in the drop down menu at the top right, find Settings and update your address. Be as specific as you like here: we just need an approximate location so that we can show you roles near to you.

How do I send my link to someone?

You can use your Digital Profile as your, well, digital profile! To send someone the link, you’ll need to set your Profile to public. Once that's done, just use the page URL!

How do I apply for jobs on Digital Profile?

There are a few ways. Once you’ve got your Profile set up, head to Find A Job. There, you’ll see roles suggested based on your skills, location and followed companies. You can also search traditionally using our filters. If you like the look of something, hit Apply and your Profile will be sent over for them to review. And that’s it!

Why don’t you advertise opportunities with ’negotiable salaries'?

We don't believe that unspecified salaries for roles are fair for anybody and so, as a policy, we ensure that all opportunities have a listed salary bracket.

How much does Digital Profile cost?

Digital Profile is a completely free platform for professionals and businesses to use. As an opportunity-seeker you should never be paying to find a job.

What sort of companies use Digital Profile?

We are used by a number of amazing companies, from tiny startups to big international brands, from the digital industry to catering - you name it, we've got it!

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