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£ 25,000 - £ 30,000 PA

About Digital Profile

There is a better way to do recruitment. Daily calls and emails from recruiters with little understanding of our needs, always pushing payment models that have little correlation to value added.

This platform is our response. We are on a mission to overhaul recruitment. For a start, we don’t accept recruiters on the site - just people and companies only.

Our philosophy is that in the modern industry finding a good cultural fit is essential, which is why companies will have profiles as well as the professionals searching for jobs. Because this isn’t a social network, individual Profiles are private and only seen by companies to whom a user has applied.

Our vision is of a platform that intelligently matches individuals to the right jobs. We intend to address one of the core problems of recruitment agencies, namely that they so rarely understand a business in order to find the right candidates. By integrating machine learning and smart algorithms, Digital Profile will do that for you.

As much as Digital Profile is a new competitor in this space, it is also a call for change in an industry that is crying out for a new way of doing things. Our product development roadmap is our manifesto for an overhauled recruitment process that suits the needs of professionals. As professionals ourselves, we think we are well placed to achieve that.

Thanks for being part of the journey.

Opportunity description

Who are we?

Digital Profile are on a mission to overhaul the recruitment industry, and replace the CV with, you guessed it, a Digital Profile. We use the latest and greatest technologies to help match our users to opportunities, and allowing users to see when their applications are being viewed.We currently have an opportunity for an enthusiastic and talented Full Stack Developer to join our ranks and be part of our journey. Why not apply and take part in shaping the future?

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a mid weight Full Stack Developer who has a few years experience in using PHP MVC frameworks, but also some experience in MVV JavaScript Frameworks. Currently, we are using a mixture of Laravel and VueJS, but any modern frameworks should be enough for you to get by! We aren’t looking for developers who specialise in Wordpress or Magento websites, we want programmers who can create something beautiful using bespoke code, and understand the full MVC ecosystem.

The candidate

What are the important skills?

You should know PHP. We use the latest stable release of PHP and the most up-to date Laravel version possible. If you do not know Laravel, but know another MVC framework in PHP then that is cool with us - they all work in roughly the same way!

JavaScript, it seems everybody is looking for JavaScript these days. However, we are not fully sold into any real framework as of yet. We use a lot of VueJS currently for two way data binding and some reactivity to make our UI and UX sparkle. Don’t know VueJS but know another JavaScript Framework? That is cool, just like PHP they are all relatively similar!

Yes we use SCSS, because what developer doesn’t style anything anymore! We use the wonderful Bulma framework to make our site look awesome, what are you used to?

In this day and age it seems pointless mentioning version control, I mean who doesn’t use it? But yes we use git, and branches, and pull requests, and all the magic you would expect.

So testing. Everybody loves writing tests! We focus on TDD a lot here at Digital Profile, you got to prove it works right! So any exposure to testing frameworks (we use phpunit) would be a bonus!

Where do we store all this magical data that drives the matching and searches? MySQL of course. A good understanding of MySQL and relational databases is a must, are you a sql dark arts master? Perfect!

Most importantly we are looking for a developer with a willingness to learn, and who believes in what we are trying to achieve.

Anything else?

Well there are always brownie points with every opportunity, here are ours:

Experience with API development and consuming 3rd party APIs Ability to write maintainable and scalable code Security conscious, what do we mean? Do you know the top 10 OWASP principles? Know what it takes to become Cloud Secure? Understanding and appreciation of the AGILE methodologies, yes we work in sprints! Any other languages, no matter how bizarre!

Additional Information

We are a very close knit team at Digital Profile, a little like a dysfunctional family, with a wide range of characters. Think Family Guy meets Silicon Valley. We are looking for our newest member to join our family and help us do what we all love to do.Want to come and work in a passionate and ambitious start up, you know where that apply button is!

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