What’s new at Digital Profile?

Night and day, our industrious Digies are hard at it. They’re building exciting new features to bring you closer to your perfect opportunity.

3rd October 2017

Out with the old, in with the new!

We've spent the last year exploring our marketplace in depth, taking the time to test our new concept with a basic prototype. We then tackled a complete design overhaul and rebuilt a better and more effective product just for you! Oh and we've moved to .com where EVERYONE is welcome to have a free profile to help them along with their career journey

27th March 2017

Work experience and internships now supported

Digital Profile is about career progression, and opportunities to get your foot in the door are key to that. These are now supported as job types when you add a role, and you’ll get found in search results.

13th March 2017

Re-launched onboarding

We’re on a design spree this month. Slicker, clearer and more useful, the new combined sign-up page means fewer steps from homepage to looking for your next job!

3rd March 2017

Beautiful animations on our new About page

We’re passionate about our mission and the ‘why’ of Digital Profile - so our About page is vital. We’ve given it a beautiful refresh with sharper copy and animated design with our little Digies taking centre stage.

7th February 2017

We’ve launched our blog

We’re all about helping you take the step next in your career. As well as sharing information on where we’re going, we want to share tips and advice from industry recruiters and successful professionals to help you stand out and keep progressing.

30th January 2017

Go public - at the flick of a switch

We help you get discovered for exciting projects. To help you get discovered, you can now set your Profile public. You’ll appear when companies search for your skills, and you can send your URL to prospective clients. Freely switch back to private whenever you want to.

12th January 2017

Media uploader to showcase your work

To catch the eye of discerning companies, it’s a great idea to put up your best work. And if you’re a company looking for the brightest talent, tempt them by showing exciting projects.

16th December 2016

Search for Professionals

Registered companies can now search professionals with a public Digital Profile filtered by their listed skills.

16th December 2016

Freelancers & Contractors

Professionals can now tag themselves as available for new projects to be found by companies based on their expertise and day rates.

16th December 2016

Improved Search

Search is now completely refactored. It’s now faster and more accurate - surfacing the best opportunities we have to offer.

18th November 2016

Profile Privacy

We've added a toggle to the Settings page to let you make your Profile public. Although our default will always be private, this is to help freelancers and contractors use their Profile as a viewable and searchable shop window for what they do.

10th November 2016

Upload Portfolio Samples

You can now upload portfolio samples to your Profile. Add your best work - designs, imagery and screen grabs of your latest projects.

10th November 2016

More onboarding improvements

We've condensed and improved onboarding. There's now just two great looking sign up pages - one each for professionals and companies.

12th September 2016

New onboarding

New onboarding page! We wanted to make every step of the process clearer, so we've added this page based on feedback. Here you choose your Digi and enter your skills which kicks off our matchmaking functionality.

12th September 2016

Unveiling the dashboard

Here's our brand new dashboard. In this view you can see jobs that are geographically near you, and click to find out more.

12th September 2016

Matching jobs to skills

Here's the big one - some of our matchmaking tools at work! We are developing these all the time and have big plans to make this super clever. In this view you see jobs that we think might suit your skill set.

12th September 2016

Follow companies you like

Here you can Follow companies and be notified when they post new jobs. Some companies are just plain brilliant to work for, so we know our users will find this useful. And it works both ways - it's also a great tool for companies to keep top quality candidates informed about when you're hiring.

12th September 2016

UX improvements

After launch we did a full review of the site's UX based on feedback, so we designed a specific landing page for businesses which we think is beautiful! Go and enjoy it!

12th September 2016

The beautiful map view

Probably our favourite page. Here, users can see jobs geographically wherever they are in the world and explore the ones that catch their attention. There's lots of ways to search Digital Profile but this one just very pretty.

6th April 2016

Job Search

We have big plans for the way our platform will intelligently match individuals with job roles to make relevant connections. But of course, you’ll also need a good old fashioned search box. So here it is! Narrow down by job role, location and whether you’re looking for full time, part time and more.

6th April 2016

Post Jobs

At Digital Profile our bread and butter is of course, great digital jobs. Your job role will look fantastic within our beautiful design, and you can keep a track of applicants through our easy to use dashboard, making the whole process a walk in the park. To carry on the metaphor, using Digital Profile is a breath of fresh air for everyone who has been frustrated by recruitment agencies and jobs boards.

6th April 2016

Share Jobs

We’ve got our social media sharing features up and running. We all know how important getting your company and role seen on social media is when it comes to finding the right talent. You can use this feature to share your role easily through your own channels, but vitally other users of the site can put your link out to their own networks, extending your reach.

6th April 2016

Skills Re-ordering

As your skill set develops, we know that you’ll need to change the emphasis in your profile. We don’t ever want keeping your profile up to date to be a hassle, so we’ve implemented simple re-ordering of skills to let you show potential employers what you are best at right now.